Independent Plan Providers and Schwab

Retirement Business Services (RBS)

This solution is ideal for clients who want to pair with independent plan providers of their choice, supported by the services of a trusted custodian. Working together, you get an ideal combination of expertise and support from an independent recordkeeper, an independent investment advisor, and Schwab.1

Flexible investments

With Schwab's commitment to open architecture, independent plan providers have access to a wide array of investments that give them flexibility and choice when building a retirement plan.

You can choose from mutual funds from Schwab and collective trust funds from Charles Schwab Trust Bank as well as choices from other fund providers, and you can leverage our portfolio management resources. You can also trade a unitized fund containing company stock, customized portfolios of multiple mutual funds, or actively managed accounts just as easily as you would trade a mutual fund.

More investment options

Schwab Bank Savings2
Plan sponsors and advisors often evaluate capital preservation investments as an important part of a diversified investment strategy. In addition to money market fund and stable value fund options, Charles Schwab Trust Bank offers Schwab Bank Savings, a money market deposit account designed for retirement plans, which offers FDIC coverage to participants up to the maximum insurable limit.3

Exchange-traded funds for retirement plans (ETF T+1)4
ETF T+1 is a trading service from Charles Schwab Trust Bank that allows you to select ETFs as part of a retirement plan's core fund lineup, and trade and settle ETFs in the same time frame as mutual funds.

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Trust and custody services

Because we work extensively with advisors and recordkeepers in local, regional, and national markets, we understand what you need from a custodian. Schwab provides you with integrated trust, custody, and directed trustee services from Charles Schwab Trust Bank, so you can choose the right options for your business. With Charles Trust Schwab Bank, you can feel confident knowing account assets are protected by a wide-ranging combination of safeguards.

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